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2018 AQHA Bay Gelding

Currently in training with Cierra Erickson since September of 2023. Cash just went on the market and here is what she has to say about him!

Shopping for a phenomenal Breakaway horse?
I’ve got one you need to ride and slide! Here is one very special gelding. He’s 5 years old, he is built to last forever, and been brought up right. Raised on a ranch, was cowboyed on for the first two years of riding then I got him make a performance horse. He has only had two owners, breeder and current! He has exceeded all my expectations; you won’t find one with a better mind and a more willing attitude to succeed! He shows up every day to impress and stand out.

Cash Money has a flawless routine in the box, scores perfect, doesn’t move his feet, then leaves sharp and hard! You’ve got all the run you need, and he will lock it off! He wants to be really aggressive about the stop and get back! With that being said I think he would make a calf horse in very little amount of time; he has a lot of feel and smart sense. He pays attention and does things like you want.

Cash Money stands at 15 hands tall, wears 1 shoe, big boned, and has zero vices whatsoever. He’s never ever been unsound or taken to the vet. No injections or injuries! You can depend on him every day to be honest, consistent and patient! I guarantee this pretty boy for many years to come. He wants to win, and he will show up every time!

Serious buyers with the money only!
Priced at mid 5 Figures.

I have an arena and calves to try him. Or we can meet you. Call Cierra @ 406-925-1020 or Michael @ 406-459-1896

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